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Unit 4/629 Toohey Road

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Twenty years ago I discovered that„RADIESTHESIA”methods can help me to use my natural sensing ability of different types of harmful radiation. At the beginning I was a little skeptical, but I have people who are already engaged in this, literature and our own experience convinced that this feature can be useful to use – even in the protection of their own organism from the influence of harmful radiation of various kinds.

In beginning I turned my attention on geopatogena radiation and Hartmans network – as the only or the biggest cause of harmful effects on the human body. Sensing such flows helped himself and others: move a bed, desk, etc. and sought neutral field, if at all was possible. I have noticed significantly improve their health with himself, as well as those who listen to me and avoiding “danger”.

However, the practice has shown that it is often impossible to find the so-called. clean room, either because of modest housing conditions or existing furniture, etc.

During the time I found that listed the classic forms of harmful radiation they have been the only, nor most dangerous sources of radiation. The so-called. natural resources throughout history have been registered and people and animals, and they are evoidid such places wherever they could. In the literature are numerous examples of such behavior of living creatures.

New and far more numerous forms of harmful radiation coming from a variety of electrical and electronic devices that every day we are surrounded in a place of residence, in the workplace / TV receivers, radio appliances, computers, mobile phones, infrared ovens, etc. / or their sources in the area / sub station , Generators, transformers, street lighting, antenna, trunk, electrical network embedded in the walls, reinforced concrete, neon, etc. /.

This numerously electronic “garbage” is much gosling and far stronger intensity of harmful radiation from the originally referred to the classic sources. I soon realized that running away from all this is almost impossible Created you a few questions:

  • Whether all human organisms are equally vulnerable, and whether radiation is harmful for all the same intensity?
  • Whether the fact that some people do not feel the interference caused by various types of radiation is also an indicator that they really have no negative consequences or just do not have a built-warning signals?
  • How to recognize symptoms of harmful radiation on the organism?

By analyzing the impact of practices harmful radiation, I came to the conclusion that human organisms react very differently. For example: if we take the index from 0 to 100 negative impact of radiation flow of underground water on the person A is 7, a person B 3, a person C 15, etc.

How is RADIESTEZIA method determines what is and how harmful or helpful / negative or positive / special issue, which go into the area outside the framework of this theme.

Adversity radiation depends on many factors, such as biological age, genetic or other predisposition in relation to various diseases, the existence of the so-called. “Ahil fifth”, far from sources of radiation, Hours stay in the intensity of radiation, especially high / irradiated site, etc.

Naturally, there is a difference in the reaction of individual sensity. When people negatively radiation will be manifest in some of the following ways: – Night sweating

  • Insomnia ,especially between 3 and 5 hours / when the intensity of radiation is very high /
  • Unusual bad dreams / then probably waterway passes exactly below the head /
  • Nervousness in the legs
  • Pain in rheumatic or naturally sensitive parts of the body
  • The need for slepping in the early morning hours, after the critical 5, when the need arise
  • At the morning up feeling greater fatigue than in the evening
  • Pain in the crisis, swollen veins, etc.

When they sense any of the above symptoms is a logical question: if we determine the nature of sleep time to rest and filled with energy, in order to be broken up in the morning and more tired than we were before going to sleep? So, something he draws energy from our bodies and influenced on the nervous system that sends pain signals their warnings.

If you go and follow a doctor sleeping pills and tranquilizer. Of course that time we did not remove the cause of our problems, but wee will be mistaken

How will this harmful radiation to act after a long time? Will the consequences of the kind and a result and according to most of our health? That can only guess, although there is already abundant literature examples of the causes and consequences of such a situation Aware of the impact and consequences of harmful radiation on the human body I decided from defensive the avoidance of harmful flows, wade in the offensive that is to find a way to eliminate harmful radiation in the apartment in which I moved. He became the ideal laboratory for study, although very intolerable to live and me and my wife, who is suffering from acute migraine.

The state of the house: Both sides of the west one substations, a house close to the city roads with a strong iodine lights. Exactly on the roof above the flat TV antenna, radio antenna amplifier and TV signals. The house was built above the former water flow and the rest is groundwater.

The first idea was I set up physical barriers such negative radiation – plastic, foil, etc. Partly, I managed to reduce the power of radiation, but not definitely defeat him.

In various specialized stores I have purchased different types of “protection”: spiral, pyramids, crystals … but again there was no final elimination of harmful radiation. This period of experimentation lasted about 13 years.

I am not expert but I have a foreboding that the frequency of harmful radiation can eliminate the only source with other frequencies that will produce interference and cancel the effect of harmful radiation.

How to produce such frequency? With what? I did not know about what is working at all frequencies? Can they even detect some instrument? Working on finding ways to eliminate harmful radiation, by chance I noticed that there is a certain natural materials that there is no radiation. Call this invention „ POZITRON PLUS „ e increasing surface of PP grows and the radius of action. And what is more important PP is completely eliminate all kinds of harmful radiation. PP transmitting its radiation at a wide band, which interfer with the frequencies of different types of radiation. Or even more courageous conclusion: that PP eliminated by radiation harm the human body, regardless of what type, or what the source of radiation was involved.

PP actually creates a neutral field that is deactivated or eliminated nuisance by the human body – of course,in the zone of radius of their action. The movements have not violated or compromised function of other electronic appliances such as TV, radio, record-holder, electric clock, cell phone, iron, PC, etc.

Come to break moment in the fight against harmful radiation, however, followed by another long experimentation, in order to achieve complete and lasting solution.

PP is in the beginning was unsteady. Periodically changing intensity of their protective functions or is completely lost, probably under the influence of various factors. Whom? I do not know and can only forboding. Followed by two years countless experiments in order to achieve stability PP and ensure its permanent and well-functioning. Since it is a material that does not have any power or any connection with the electrical system, I had to find a way that will increase the strength of his action. Again accidentally discovers how to achieve, but for now it can not detect.

Collateral observations:

PP-action question, I found that it eliminates the radiation / all / in its radius of action, while outside the radius of radiation during the same place and same intensity. For example: if the substations transmitting negative radiation in a radius of about 300 m / she were, of course, the weaker you are more removed from the spring /, and ZB is set at 100 m from the source – harmful radiation in the zone of action PP will be lost. What is the zone that is the radius of action, depending on the size and power of PP – 3, 10, 15 or more meters. The same is repeated with underground water, electromagnetic or electronic sources. He simply ‘recognize’ and neutralize harmful radiation;

However, if the PP.set by the access and a source of negative radiation, it disappears completely, and it can not be registered in its previous radius of action. This phenomenon is equally applies to the substations, and cell phone.


Today, PP. works perfect, reliable and high quality. Of course, it is necessary to show,and scientifically prove.

All the time to seek solutions I was forced to Empire, not science. However, the validity of discoveries, it is necessary to prove the scientific means, regardless of today’s opportunities and often my personal powerlessness in front of many “closed the door.” Are two possibilities:

  • 1st Medical Facilities
  • 2nd technical means

1st Medical resources

This option assumes implementation encefalograpf / EG /, which will show the respondent state of the brain in several phases: in a neutral position, and then only after respondent entered the zone of action of harmful radiation, and finally the state of the brain after use PP

1990. Vinogradska theospital carried out a Such testing and to the Department of Clinical Physiology-fuzzy. Experiment has been realized in the presence of a specialit cliic and under the direction of Assistant Professor Ph.D.. Mira Dabčević-Jeftić. The procedure was shot TV camera and broadcasted in the program “Sunday afternoon”.

Very clearly see the difference in the brain of respondents before entering the body in a zone of harmful radiation, and after entering into it. Pointer on the graphic printer and scanner on the screen showed dramatic changes in the brain when entering the zone of harmful radiation, and a tranquilizer after departure from the area.

And I am not available to any protection from harmful radiation, so I could not register the status of the brain that is the last phase after use protection. Repetition of the same with the application of PP can confirm or deny its effectiveness.

2nd technical means

Proving the technical means depends on the sophistication of appliances that detect various sources of radiation. After the fortifications of the radiation, it is necessary to define the type of radiation, / by RADIESTEZIA methods ), strength and radiation immediately mark the trends of harmful line.

After that should be set PP. and the same instruments or methods to establish whether recorded prior to radiation, and still show a presence or have disappeared or they were just less power.

I understand that some frequencies of harmful radiation can not detect, simply because it does not have the adequate apparatus. However, this is not the case with substations, electronic appliances, TV or PC screen display, etc. If the instruments show a difference or significant difference in the amount of radiation after the application of PP, its value is confirmed.

Of course, if there are other forms of testing PP .they should be sure to take into consideration, so as to achieve a more complete picture. On that occasion should be remembered that some sources emit radiation at certain frequencies, which damage the human organism, while other sources of broadcast side, a secondary, collateral type of harmful radiation – which has no connection with the primary function specific device. For example, cell phone sends and receives electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies that are not harmful to human body, as they are not harmful signals hundredth of radio and tv stations that run through our body.

However, the question harmful radiation of mobile phones, I found that he was transmitting harmful radiation, the radijus of 20-25 cm. The same intensity regardless of whether it is turned on (ON) or off (OF).

This means that any specific element of transmitting harmful radiation, regardless of its primary function that sends and receives signals. I identify this element and I cane fully eliminate the harmful radiation of mobile phones, as a whole very simple, cheap and fully neutralize harmful radiation, which produces GSM device Radio or TV antenna itself is not harmful, but they are harmful antenna amplifier. Or lightning rod is not harmful, but it became a lightning rod ( cobalt ) whose Short facing down, and then the negative radiation such as lasers pass through all obstacles, and the impact on the human body. I tried in collaboration with professors in Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Dina Simunic, Bonifačić), using the instruments with which they have, identify presence of harmful radiation. We could not! In a private electronic laboratory register managed to identify the existence of the radiation flow of groundwater, and Hartman Kirijeve network but not the amount of their harmful radiation, which undoubtedly exist

The main problem in these and similar measurements lies in the fact that the measurement of electromagnetic fields identified with harmful radiation. Here lies the misunderstanding! It is instruments quite another matter. Any field emits electromagnetic radiation at the same time emits SECONDARY. radiation at an frequency which standard instruments does not register Can be without problems, to feel harmful radiation people with “ekstrasensitivity ,radiestezists and many animals (dogs, birds, storks register, cows ), and some species of plants, etc.) Here is an example .When a engineer in charge to serves

ing sub stations performed measuring the amount of harmful radiation emitted by one substation, located near the two-storied house, expert with an instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields, found that the radius of the field is about 2 meters.

According to existing regulations radiation was normal and therefore harmless to health! Measurement using radiesthesia methods however, I found that radius of SECONDARY , therefore harmful radiation is between 90 and 100 meters. I polled the residents of the house with the substation and heard what I assumed. Some had problems with pain in various parts of the body, others with insomnia, night sweats, prostate, ovary, all known symptoms of the harmful effects of radiation , which leads to very serious, even life-threatening disease!

Of the unidentified frequencies acting mischievously. How to identify, call, to recognize – I do not know! In any case, any method used to validate A.H.Ra.N. it is important that the measurements implemented at the

  • A neutral space, without affecting any radiation
  • In an area contaminated to various sources
  • On the same premises after use PP

If it is determined the difference, and sure that it will be evident show, the value of will be the scientific methods confirmed.

This was later done when the effectiveness was proven by various scientific methods and more information will be found in the sections of this page